12 proposals for a different Vienna

Election manifesto abridgement

Wien Anders (“Vienna different”) – KPÖ, Piraten, Echt Grün and independents (abbrv.: ANDAS)
Schadinagasse 3, 1170 Vienna

There are currently 1.8 million people living in Vienna, but not all of the have the same rights. Our vision is for a different Vienna, with equal rights and opportunities for everyone; a city where it is possible to be unique, without being afraid.

These are our proposals for a different Vienna:

1. Social Coverage for everyone – implementing an unconditional basic income
Almost 400.000 people in Vienna are living in poverty or at the risk of poverty often despite gainful employment – as a first step to an unconditional basic income the guaranteed minimum income will be set to be above the poverty line; further transfer benefits such as the minimum pension will be raised. We demand lawyers who specialize in services for the unemployed, and social advocates, who will provide their services free of charge. Furthermore, we are against bans on begging.

2. Participation for everyone – one Person one Vote
25 percent of people living in Vienna and paying taxes are not entitled to participate in federal, state and municipal elections because the do not have Austrian or EU citizenship. That is unfair! Because of that we demand a residence citizenship so that everyone can participate and partake in elections. The undemocratic 5%-threshold in elections has to fall so that truly every vote can count the same.

3. Women’s Rights are Human Rights
Even as municipal employees of the municipality of Vienna women earn less than men. In recent years, more and more anti-abortionists threaten women’s rights of bodily autonomy. We demand the implementation of an independent women’s council of the city of Vienna, free abortions and safety areas around ambulatories, equal payment for equal work, quota regulations in municipal work as well as the encouragement of women in politics, the city hall and the districts.

4. Bring on the good life! Work has to pay off
More and more people are in precarious conditions in their employment, and can hardly afford to live on their income. The municipality of Vienna is a bad example – we demand the reduction of working hours to 30 hours with no loss of pay, a statutory minimum wages of 12€ per hour and the right to work for refugees and immigrants.

5. Promote cooperative housing! For the Karl-Marx-Hof of the 21st Century
A lot of people cannot afford to live in Vienna. Council Housing is expensive; management and utility invoicing is not transparent. We demand vacancy charges, as well as housing that follows the lead of the Hugo-Breitner-Steuer, where wealthy tenants pay more. We demand the transparent allocation of municipal housing, and the encouragement of alternative forms of housing.

6. A Right to the City – Reclaim Public Spaces
More and more public spaces are threatened by commercialization; advertising areas inhibit the view of the city’s beauty. We demand the protection of public spaces against privatization and speculation, as well as the abolition of commercial advertising, to restore the city’s charm.

7. Transparent Politics instead of Transparent People
Currently, political decisions are made behind closed doors while at the same time video surveillance defines everyone as a suspicious. We demand transparent politics, budgets in which we can participate, and the end of mass surveillance and data retention.

8. Education, Science and Culture for Everybody
School funds are being cut while the workload for teachers increases. The social background determines the level of education, while access to culture and science becomes inaccessible due to consistently increasing cost. We demand comprehensive schools for Vienna, more appreciation for the teaching profession, and easy access to culture and science for everyone.

9. No to Second-Class Medicine
Sadly, second-class medicine and second-class care are standard in our city – we demand a solitary health-care system with multi-professional teams, and adequate financial compensation for team members, through unified wage agreements.

10. Streets to live on – For a Free Public Transport System
Motorized private traffic negatively affects all of our lives. Health problems due to excessive noise, and fine particle pollution are just two of the consequences we all face. We demand free public transport, the implementation of a rapid transit railway around Vienna, and the expansion of the City-Bike network.

11. Legalisation of Cannabis
Annually, the prohibition of marijuana criminalizes thousands of people. The prosecution of consumers is an unnecessary waste of public money. We demand the legalization of marijuana and a programme for sensible addiction prevention.

12. Diversity without fear – The City belongs to All of Us
People who “step out of line” are often humiliated and disrespected. We demand that Vienna take a pioneering role as a city in which people can live together, and embrace their diversity. There is no place for hate against those who do not fit; everyday sexism and racism cannot be part of our culture in Vienna. In our city we acknowledge, appreciate and protect the rights of all of nature’s creatures – humans and animals.

We are aware of many other topics of concern for us all. We will address those concerns – after entering the municipal council, with your help – we will add further topics to our agenda. As a further note, we are convinced that our current economic system is the main reason for our problems. Therefore our policies will always be orientated to allow a step further into a better world.

Übersetzt von Julia Walloch, Katta & Michele Roys